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glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. we are are getting bogged down on the small stuff. we are laser focused. we sometimes forget to pull back and we need to see the forest through the trees. tonight we will try to do that and see the big picture. the big picture for me, i only want the president to worry about three things, jobs, economic and safety. keeping us safe, that's t how is he doing on those things? oh, you are br to find out. hello, america. what is it that you really want from the government? what is it they're supposed to do? right now, i got to tell you, i would just settle for someone who knows how to operate a calculator -- no, no, knows how to operate the calculator, can read the calculator and tell me the numbers honestly. if you really believe some
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marxist utopian system is the way to go, use honesty, and make that chase for the redistributive change, don't hide behind our constitution saying anything. i mean, i would hide it myself. it is the only way to get it past the american people, considering the trouble in sean penn's beloved cuba and venezuela, despite -- i love this -- despite being one of the world's biggest energy producers, venezuela, experiencing massive blackouts and power loss. how is that working? chavez now wants to cap showers at 3 minutes. he actually came on and gave a personal guarantee that you won't stink. >> cuba says they have avoided a major energy crisis. how? by forcing people to shut off the power. i never even thought of that! let's just tell people they can't drive anymore.
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solved oil crisis! there can't be an energy crisis with no energy, right? our government keeps telling us this is all about social justice, economic justice, doing the right thing, fairness. no, it's not! all of the things that this government, including the bush administration, have been passing is about controlling and manipulating your life. to really achieve fairness, you'd have to have another element. i like to call it honesty. you have to actually say what you mean and mean what you say. america, you and i both know nothing adds up. i mean, why do you think that i'm actually looking into other theories. do you think i sit at home and dream up these theories and think they are reasonable? i do now, but i didn't a year ago. i looked at things and went no, that cannot be, but nothing else fit, and so we started to look into cloward and piven, starting looking into the marxists in the oval office now. well, the rest of the members of press, they seem too busy
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making fun not of what i tell you, but just the surface and the mannerisms that i have. that's all they care about. they don't care about actually looking into what i'm questioning. in the next 30 minutes, i'm going to pull a mask off of their plans. i'm going to show it to you. i'd like some honest answers but you're not going to get any of those from washington, because i don't think there are very many honest people left. i'd like some honest answers on unemployment. does anybody else remember when the stimulus bill was being pushed? we had a congressman claiming that we were a few hours away from complete and total collapse, and then the president himself said this -- >> our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that at some point we may not be able to reverse. glenn: wow. a perpetual crisis. that sounded pretty bad to me. do you remember when he said it? well, we all looked around and said well, you got to pass
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that stimulus bill. oh, we got to do it. we got to pass it by friday! the administration also promised america that unemployment would not go over 8% if we passed the bill. remember that? in fact, lucky for you we keep these things. they released a little chart. here is the chart, if we can bring it up. if we don't do anything, if we don't pass this by friday, this is what is going to happen. this is the kind of unemployment we're going to have, america, but if on friday we pass the stimulus bill and you act now and stop with the politics of the past, this is what is going to happen to unemployment. yeah, that's what they say would happen if we didn't pass the stimulus bill, doing nothing, doing nothing and this was the worst case scenario, are remember? instead, woo we're going to do this, so we wouldn't have our nation, what was he said -- sink into a crisis that we wouldn't be able to reverse. so, we did something, exactly
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what he wanted us to do. the cost, $1 trillion, and here is what happened. whoa. whoa! whoa! it seems to me -- but what do i know -- it seems to me if we keep doing what they tell us to do and give them exactly what they ask, gosh, we just might sink into a deeper crisis that at some point we may not be able to reverse, but the icing on the insanity cake comes from the president himself when he noticed this chart and said, oh, no, that's not looking good. he said this -- >> nobody understood what the depths of this recession were going to look like. glenn: i'm sorry. what? nobody understood? didn't he just say that america would be in an
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irreversible crisis if we didn't pass the stimulus? and then nobody knew it would be this bad? i'm not an audiologist, but it kind of sounds sort of like you knew, i mean, unless you know something worse than an irreversible crisis. ok. so there's un'em loiment unemployment. we're now at 10.2%. the the next thing is the president says they have saved or created 1 million jobs. well, thank goodness. thank goodness. but remember, i want the truth. according to those conservative crazy people at the boston globe, massachusetts received $4 billion in that stimulus fund, $4 billion. the white house claims they have created or saved over 12,000 jobs. well, wouldn't that be great? wouldn't that be great if only it were true? see, it looks good until you do that thing that most journalists aren't bothering to do.
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they just leave that pulitzer around because they gave too many out. the value goes up if we don't have anybody win one for a while. the boston globe did investigate. 160 of those jobs came from bridgewater state college, full-time work study jobs for students. that's great! only problem, not true. not true at all. let me give you this -- 77,000 dollars in stimulus money, $77,000, can you get this on the calculator? $77,000 went to stimulus money, got it to the college. bust the calculator out. divided by 160. got it? that equals, wow! $481.21. boy, america, you're rich! thank you, obama. wait! let's divide that by 52 weeks.
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you are so rich in massachusetts! you have $9.25 every week! that's a sweet job! bridgewater state spokesman brian baldwin said the actual number of new jobs was, quote, almost nothing. almost nothing. it sounds a little more like t how about the other 90 jobs created with $245,000 worth of stimulus money. $245,000, what did i say, 90 jobs were created. this is going to be good! that's $2,700 per full-time job, or, how much a week? you guys are rolling in the cash! are you kidding me? $51 a week! that's crazy!
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they're not just creating jobs, they're creating jobs that where a family of four couldn't even get one happy meal a week. wouldn't that be great? and the extra benefit is you get to live in the box! now let's look at the economy. we know how he's doing. 1 million jobs saved or created. not true! unemployment 10.2. he said it would never get. there how about the economy? well, you know, he just wants to help out businesses, and that's why he's implementing with me -- say it with me -- new taxes, because that is the way you create jobs. in the new healthcare package there is a cadillac tax. no, we don't get new cad dizz, no. if you have a healthcare plan of $40,000 per family, you get taxed, and if you have
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a good healthcare plan, you have too much. why are you hurting the poor people with your evil cadillac healthcare? this is going to hurt more than just the wealthy. many people around the country have given up better pay for better benefits, plus the healthcare bill doesn't adjust for inflation, so it doesn't affect you now, oh, it will, sooner or later, because inflation is coming. oh, and another thing. they're planning another 5.4% surtax on individuals earning more than $500,000 per year. those people don't need the money. they're not creating jobs, and couples earning more than $1 million a year, that 5.4% tax will include the capital gains tax where "the wall street journal" reports, quote "today's capital gains tax rate of 15% would bounce back to 20% because of the bush tax break repeal and then to 25.4%
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with the surtax. that is a 69% increase overnight. wow, new taxes of 69% increase! these are the savings. even though he is trying to raise it now, when he was a candidate, he knew. he backed away from his own proposal to raise the tax to 28%. he wanted to get elected. he was going to eliminate it for small businesses, but this is what he said then. >> i'm mindful that we have to keep our capital gains tax to a point where we can actually get more revenue. glenn: yeah. apparently he doesn't care about actual tax revenue anymore. i'm sure most politicians, left and right, republicans and democrats don't care about losing tax revenue because they don't see any correlation about what they spend and bring in. federal spending, get this, has grown 7 times faster than
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the median income. here is the income in america. see how it has gone up? here is the spending of washington. if this was your spouse, and this of the your income, and your spouse was doing this, they'd be in therapy or you'd be divorced. they'd be destroying your family, but no, we keep electing these people. they also don't care about the are revenues. watch this chart. here is a couple of lines on this one. ok, here is the revenues. i tell you, we had a little peek here, and it went down, and then not looking and it just crashed. this is the spending line. this is what the government is taking in. this is what the government is spending. going in the wrong direction, almost a straight line up. if your boss decreased your pay, do you increase the spending every month in your household by 50% to get out of that hole? no! what world are these people living in? and if you still think, oh,
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glenn, you know, you just hate obama, you didn't never say that about george w. bush. yeah, yeah, actually i did. this is a left and right problem. spending has gone up no matter what party is in charge. look out. this recklessness is costing you. it is costing you right here. it is causing our dollar to fall apart. ten years ago, if you put this in the bank, ten years ago, you would have had a thousand of these. you really, today, only have 700 of these. see, this, today, because of inflation, this is no longer in your bank. this is. by them spending, you only have 70 cents, not this. which means if you want to spend a dollar that you had, because of what they're doing in washington, you now only have 70 cents. well, it cost me a dollar for my family.
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if prices don't go up, well, that means i need 30 cents. that means you have to go out and fine a job for every dollar that you had, you have to find a job to pay you an extra 30 cents to equal what used to be worth a dollar. you're working harder. you're working harder and you're working longer for the same amount of money. our liability per person now in this country is $344,544. each of us! because of what they have spent in washington. that's what we owe! they justify the trillion dollar healthcare plan by saving the money through some magical fairy money. i don't know how they're going to do it. they don't play by the rules the rest of us have to play by because they make them up as they go! but if you don't play by their new rules on healthcare, oh, here is a new twist, have you heard this? you're going to be looking at a fun little stint in jail.
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>> if you don't buy health insurance, you go to jail. you didn't answer my question. >> well, there is, i think, some legislation that is very fair in this respect. glenn: sweet, people like me have a problem with people coming across our border, taking jobs, going and flooding our hospitals and our schools, taking the stuff they didn't have a problem with that, but if you don't play ball with them now, if you don't get into their government healthcare, there will be jail time, and that, of course, is fair. so, let's see. they're failing on the jobs. they're failing and lying to us about the economy. they're continuing to destroy, it but they must at least be keeping us safe, right? well, no, no, no. you heard about the shooting at fort hood. honest question -- do you think we're actually fighting with a full force and might of our united states of america? really? are we fighting to win in irak and afghanistan anymore? do you think we're going to win in afghanistan at this
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point? the president says he needs a new plan now, he is going to start all over again now. yeah. don't pass the judgment on fort hood. i can't make a decision on afghanistan, and by the way, russia, syria and iran are our new friends and by the way, poland and england, you're kind of on your own. look at this board, america. look. i'm an alcoholic. i have bottomed out before. i have thought my life, my career, my family was over. i thought it was over. i didn't know i had a second chance. we always got a second chance, but you got to decide. i got a problem and i want to live. when you approach that bottom, you have two choices. you just let it go, and if you don't stop pretty soon, you will die. you will destroy yourself, or you say, wait, wait. put the brakes on here, i got a problem, but admitting that we have a problem is the first step, america. we got a problem.
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it's not barack obama. it is the republicans and the democrats. it is special interests in washington! it is crime and corruption! we got to get into some sort of 12-step program here. come over here. i want to show you sunshine and lollipops. all of these plans are going to be great. the sun is going to be hot, but not too hot. oh, general motors, that is going to be fantastic, and chrysler, and there will be plenty of gold. there will be clean energy, leprechauns are going to give us pots of gold and all of our kids will be healthy. it's an alcoholic stupor. i'm going to take a break when we come back. i'm going to take the beer goggles off for you, next.
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glenn: i was talking this morning at 7 a.m. about an advent calendar. i want to show you this. this is rafael crump who works in our art department spent all day on this. it is beautiful thing. there will be gold everywhere and the president is winking
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at you. government motors is going to be fixed. the sun will be hot but not too hot. wall street rolling in the cash, kids will all be healthy. fantastic. they're stitching this calendar together with several things, the stimulus bill, healthcare and the climate bill. look, everybody is happy. even the sun is wearing cool shades. well, as we have all have advent calendars, this one come wses wing doughs you can open up and there are special surprises or goodies underneath. let's look at the special goodies they have in store for usite now. the first is from the healthcare bill. we got to do this if we're going to be flush in cash, we have to be able to have, that and oh, yeah, the potential jail time. if you don't have health insurance, jail time. you heard nancy pelosi defend that portion of the bill just a few minutes ago. there has got to be some way to force everybody to have healthcare, right? it is jail. i thought there was only goodness in the bill. maybe that's the only thing
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that we wouldn't necessarily want. no, no. because if i look behind number two, where is number two, a pot of gold, of course it's about money. oh, a hidden income tax increase. what? yes! buried in nancy's bill is a provision that will partially repeal tax indexing for inflation. that means, for those young adults who voted for obama and his hope and change believing that it wasn't your taxes that he was going to raise, yeah, you better hope that your salary keeps continuing to go down, because the rate of inflation will go up. yeah. you're going to find yourself paying the evil rich tax rate soon. but, ok, there can't be any nasty super surprises in sunshine and lollipop land. where is number three? oh, isn't this great? subsidies for vets. subsidies for pets many i love
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my pets, i love them, but right now, i don't think subsidies for pets is a priority when we're teetering on economic disaster. there is something buried in the stimulus package that passed last spring. the stimulus package, you know, the one we had to pass in 1 5 minutes that we couldn't read or dogs and cats would end up sleeping together. yes, this is electronically tracking. your medical treatment -- wait a minute, in the stimulus package? it is like they are building a machine. the medical treatments will be electronically tracked by a federal system. in the stimulus bill! that makes it easy to pass that, doesn't it? but the new bure cassie, the national coordinator of health information technology -- that doesn't sound ominous at all -- will monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems cost effective. again, not in the healthcare bill. this is already passed in the stimulus bill.
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ok. under number four, where is it? oh, here it is, no, number five. number five, oh, oh, i love this one! the effectiveness board. medicare, which now pays for treatment deemed safe and effective now changes that to also apply a cost effectiveness standard set by the federal council. stimulus board. stimulus bill. it's already -- stop with your death panel talk. that's not in the healthcare bill. no, no. stimulus. hold it. this is congress's sunshine and lollipop land. this couldn't be. good things in store is all we have. climate change bill and the sun is going to be hot, but not too hot, except we have an energy rate increase. yeah, if passed, gas prices will rise by 58%. the average household electric rates will increase by 90%. what is it that barack obama told us that we didn't listen during the campaign? >> under my plan of a cap and
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trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. glenn: these are beginning to look like broccoli lollipops, aren't they? we're just getting started, because under this one, yeah, under the leaf here, oh, i love this. the energy welfare program. yeah. a vast new program requires the secretary of health and human services to provide monthly cash payments to low-income households for their estimated loss in purchasing power -- not yours -- theirs, resulting from higher energy prices in the bill. it covers 65 million people. the amount of people we can't even cover under the new healthcare plan! how many doors and windows do we have to open before you see this is not the world they're creating t looks nothing like it! it looks nothing like it! at all! it looks more like this. you're going to see a black and white world, man, that is nothing but destruction and
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ugly. i don't know why no one else will tell you the truth about all these things. i don't know, and i don't care. all i know is they are all there, imbedded in each one of these bills, in plain sight. barack obama and congress are selling you a bill of goods. it is only when you take down the mask of sunshine and lollipops that you will see the eel thing, the real image, destruction! these bills are creating the path to america's destruction! how many months ago did i say please, please, america, don't debate. don't compromise on these things. there are things in these bills that you don't even know! they are building a machine and they're about to turn the thing on! you don't come poe mize on your destruction -- you don't compromise on your destruction. you avoid it entirely. back in a minute.
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glenn: today america's favorite community organizing group filed a lawsuit against the government to get its funding back. yeah, you know, they cut that off. poor acorn. then there is this story. did you get a chance to hear the audio that has been posted now on wait until you hear this audio. on it you hear acorn's head organizers in san diego talking about the investigation regarding those undercover tapes, you know, the pimp and prostitute video we showed you? david lagstein tells the crowd acorn has been talking with the attorney general's office in california, and they know now who is going to get punished and it ain't acorn. listen to this. >> coming into the offices with a camera is not legal in california and other states. >> again, the attorney general is a political animal as well, but certainly every bit of
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communication we have had with them has suggested that the fault will be found with the people who made the videos, not with acorn. glenn: we, by the way, asked the attorney general's office for some record of who they were communicating with, and they said they don't comment on ongoing investigations so we couldn't get any communication. judge andrew napolitano joins me now. judge. >> good to see you. glenn: gosh, an attorney general having all kinds of communication with acorn saying, as the investigation is going on or hasn't even begun, i don't even know where it is, but they're saying don't worry, it will all be found with not acorn but with the filmmakers. >> this is the attorney general speaking directly or indirectly with the group that he is investigating. he is charged under the constitutional laws of california with investigating crime, potential crime, likely crime, and if there is enough evidence prosecuting it, and instead he is communicating directly or indirectly to this
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group, don't worry, i won't find anything wrong with what you did. might this have anything to do with the fact that he's running for governor? california? glenn: no! you are so cynical. do you think they would waste state assets like investigators and lawyers an detectives on an investigation for which he has already pre-ordained the outcome? glenn: is there trouble? should there be an investigation just on this? >> yes, there should be. glenn: so where do people in california go? you have the a.g. apparently talking to acorn. >> he is popularly elected in california, not appointed by the governor, so the governor can't tell him what to do, but governor schwarzneggar can appoint somebody to investigate this investigation. look, california is bankrupt. i don't know if they have money to do any of the stuff they do, but it is profoundly unethical and unlawful for the government to investigate someone and before the investigation say, don't worry, it's going to come out
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ok. we're doing this for political reasons. glenn: president obama is going to speak here in just a few minutes. in fact, we have to take a break. back in just a second.
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>> this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. president obama is traveling to asia today but before arriving in tokyo, he has one more stop. he is meeting with troops right now at elmendorf air force base in alaska. he met with a group of 12 troops there taking questions and answers just a moment ago. he also met with the family of a soldier who was killed in afghanistan. the president is speaking now live. let's take a listen. >> i want to thank general troy for the introduction, and for his extraordinary service, to colonel mark kimer and your outstanding local leaders
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for welcoming me today and a shoutout to the united states air force band of the pacific! [applause] i eel lies that -- i realize that your commander, general atkins couldn't be here. i'm told he got called down to hawaii. that's a tough assignment. i know a little something about hawaii. shock and awe. what's up? i hope that he is getting as warm of a welcome as i'm getting here. i want to thank your senior enlisted leaders, command, chief master sergeant robert moore, chief master sergeant tom baker and command sergeant major david turnbull. a big round of applause. [applause]
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and some applause to all the airmen and soldiers up here. they look terrific. [applause] it is wonderful to be here at one of america's great air bases. i have to tell you, i am also really excited because i had up until today visited 49 states. this is officially my 50th state. [applause] i love you back! we also have a lot of folks from fort richardson. we got folks from all across alaskan command air force, army, navy, coast guard, united states marine, active guard and reserve.
5:42 pm
or we have our allies and friends from the canadian armed forces much. [applause] i see many spouses here today. i want you to know you are the backbone of our military families and we honor your service. [applause] i am thrilled to he see the kids who are here today. hey, guys! thank you! i know you're proud of your mom and dads, but we're all proud of you, too. you know, we're here in america's last frontier. most of you are far from loam. i know your service is made a little easier by your unbelievable neighbors so we want to thank your local and state leaders, lieutenant governor kaig campbell, all the people of anchorage and alaska for their incredible support and we're also joined
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today by a leader who is fighting for alaska in washington and for you and all our members in uniform and that person is mark begich, senator mark begich is in the house. stand up, mark, so everybody can see you. [applause] today i'm on my way to asia. my first visit there as president. the crews are out there refueling air force i, but i didn't want to just pass through. as i said, this is my first sit to alaska and my first visit to elmendorf. i couldn't come here without taking this opportunity to deliver a simple message -- a message of thanks to you and your families. these have been days of tributes, two days ago we gathered at fort hood and we honored 13 americans taken from us. soldiers and caregivers,
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mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. we grieved with families who have endured unimaginable loss, and we found inspiration in the wounded. their spirits unbowed and in those who braved the bullets so that others might live. yesterday we gathered at arlington national cemetery to salute proud veterans who served on foreign fields long ago and wounded warriors from today, and as citizens of a grateful nation, we are lum belled by such service -- we humbled by such service. bret: the president's full remarks are streaming live at i will also have more on this and the president's pending decision on troop deployments in afghanistan. senior white house correspondent major garrett is in tokyo tonight awaiting the president's arrival there. it is on special report at the top of the hour. now, let's head back to glenn beck.
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>> well, give me a second. we'll come back with more of the program. stand by.
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glenn: i have to tell you,
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we're kind of going off the script, because the president just spoke for a little while, and when we went into the break, one of the camera people, which shall remain unnamed, says that you have contempt in your eyes there, glenn. it's really not for president obama. it's for all politicians. see the little box over here. see this? does anybody -- when you see a politician speak now, and you see these people standing behind them, does anybody look -- and i don't do it with the soldiers but i always do it when regular people are there, and i go, ok, there is the asian. there is the olderly person. there is the african-american. there is the handicapped person. politicians are using us as props. i'm sick of it! especially when it come to the soldiers. they are not props. as a guy with a soldier that is currently serving for my
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family, and serving with honor, and somebody that my family and everybody in my family prays for every single night along with the rest of the troops, they're not props. they're people that need to be treated with respect, and given every tool we have in our arsenal, every tool we have to win, and then if we decided we're not going to win or we were wrong or whatever, we pull them home and we get them out of harm's way. a few weeks ago, i was in harlem, and i was on the streets of harlem. i was doing an interview, and we had just finished -- and you will see this interview tomorrow. we have a great show planned for you tomorrow. out of the blue, a guy comes up from behind me, and i taps me on the shoulder. he wants to talk to me there in harlem about president obama, the war in afghanistan, and much, much more. he identified himself as a former u.s. marine and he said "i am concerned about where our country is headed." here is his story. >> i'm a united states marine.
5:51 pm
i'm also an american. i never in my life imagineed that someone would show up and they would do these most unamerican things, shut down in difficult times to see the damage that was done. that's the biggest thing against him right now. i have been a life-long democrat, and until john kerry ran for election. then i saw how the cultural, what do you want to see, america in the name of dollar was being relied upon heavily by the democratic party. i watched the left going on and trying to get me to vote like this. then hi to vote republican. i couldn't do that. >> i couldn't do it either! >> i had to do it.
5:52 pm
i felt lied to and everyone was always saying everything is ok. it seems unfair, but i didn't have the means, but a lot of people, you and i every single thing is what we really think, but these guys just lie. before i voted against him, i told my wife, i said they're going to lay a lot of things at this guy's feet. i'm a united states marine. i do not want you, because you will bring my son into a generational war that i could have ended here now and today. now he's trying to do the same thing in afghanistan. as a military man, i have to say. this i don't trust him.
5:53 pm
i don't trust anything. listen, but i bless him because god bless america and i'm an american. >> what surname again? >> anthony. glenn: anthony, what a pleasure. thank you for your service. >> thank you for yours. glenn: it was an amazingly remarkable conversation. i think i spent 20 minutes with anthony, and he just unloaded. i mean, i see this quefer are ry where i go, people come up, and they just unload. i got to tell you something. i have more with anthony and his amazing story and a little bit of his comments on afghanistan coming up in just a second. cheer clear
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glenn: i want to show you the real truth instead of using it a quack dop. we had another show planned but the president broke into the show. show them this piece that we had yesterday that we didn't run. here are our troops. this is what they do every day. they are not sitting there as a backdrop used for president bush or president obama. this is what they do. they're risking their lives every single day. can you imagine being the person behind that gun? can you imagine doing that, kicking the door down? i got news for you, i can't. i can't. they are amazing people, and our president still hasn't made a decision.
5:58 pm
are we making good use of their sacrifice? i want to go back to the former u.s. marine i showed you that i ran into in harlem a couple of weeks ago. here is what he said about president obama, and this was back a couple of weeks ago when he still hadn't made a decision on afghanistan. here is what he said. >> let me ask you about obama in one question -- i'm trying to say to myself, how does he think -- not about so much what he will do, but how effective does he think his tactic is right now? i understand about the unreliability of perhaps the government's partner in afghanistan. i can relate to that completely, but the thing about it is this -- while you're thinking about the political side, do you know that the pressure that you're taking off of the taliban is emboldening them? do you know that you're giving time to regroup. most importantly, you said we won't fight to get rid of you. we just want you to be quiet
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so we feel safe. they really don't understand that this is what the war is being fought for. >> thank you. glenn: i have to tell you, it was an amazing experience, just on the streets. i think i was there for about 45 minutes, shooting a package that will air tomorrow in harlem, and anthony gave me an idea. he is not the only one that's concerned about where our country is headed and concerned about the man who is leading it tomorrow. tomorrow, d.v.r. this program -- d.v.r. this program. i don't think you will see a show like tomorrow's broadcast anyplace else. you will hear from a group of people saying things that, gosh, i didn't think existed. from new york, good night, america, and good night, mrs. dunn, wherever you are. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by

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News/Business. Guests discuss the day's top political, entertainment and business stories. New.

TOPIC FREQUENCY Afghanistan 10, California 7, Washington 7, Harlem 5, Alaska 4, Anthony 3, Barack Obama 3, Boston 2, Glenn Beck 2, Tokyo 2, Acorn 2, Massachusetts 2, Cuba 2, Hawaii 2, Obama 2, Venezuela 2, Asia 2, Garrett 1, David Turnbull 1, Kaig Campbell 1
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